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Apollo Business School (ABS) has begun its journey with the vision and commitment that we will grow more in reputation than in size. The base of our confidence and commitment lies in our strong Academic, Corporate and International linkages.
The institution will run under the aegis of a non – profit autonomous body, called Progressive & Holistic Education Foundation is registered under the Indian Trust Registration Act, 1950. The Trust is established with the main objective of social, educational, mental and economical upliftment of youths through imparting higher education which will be job oriented in nature.
Apollo Business School started with a dream to impart knowledge, par excellence, in different spheres of management education and to create professionally qualified and dynamic managers. We want to commit that in a short span of time, the growth of the institution will be spectacular in every respect and shortly the name of Apollo Business School will symbolize with quality education, knowledge, commitment, innovation, and placement assistance. We are witnessing that the economies of world are inter dependent and we will make our students adept in the rapidly changing trends and challenges to become the successful future managers. We believe in continuous result oriented effort and the future will decide that we have achieved our vision of ‘defining career, shaping future.

We firmly believe that educated, literate and well-informed youths are the building blocks of strong communities.
We are committed to enriching the quality of education by ensuring right learning inputs to youth across ability levels. We are committed to the vision of developing it into a multi- campus, inter disciplinary institution of excellence through symbiotic efforts and innovative practices of management and faculty to provide ambient academic environment for the benefit of the students and community at large.

Apollo Business School has dedicated itself to the excellence in management education. At ABS we dedicate our intellectual resources to advancing the frontiers of business knowledge and educating future leaders.
In culturally diverse and technologically advanced social arena, characterized by rapid change and complex interdependencies, we aim to empower businesses and their leaders to understand and address the far-reaching changes affecting the world.
Our aim is to impart, vibrant, comprehensive and innovative learning to our students enabling them to be managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders with strong cultural values and to provide an ideal teaching environment and ambience to develop there skills to meet the challenges of the global business environment.

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