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We do not believe in the conventional practice of placement through placement brochure. We are using more elaborate and corporate friendly system to achieve the desired result for our graduating students and their employers. This system has devised after detailed consultation with HR Managers, Corporate Professionals, Consultants and Senior Executives of the organizations.


Our placement system works as follows:


ABS’s brochure, details the program structure and other attributes is dispatched to a large number of business corporations to help these prospective employers develop a proper understanding of the Institute, its program and demographics of the students.

These organizations are subsequently contacted to find out their campus recruitment plan for the year. On getting an affirmative response from prospective employers, the placement office makes a details study of their management trainee requirements, the job profiles, trainee profile, and organizations profile. On the basis of the above study, students form the graduating batch have a best-fit, both attitudinally as well as skill-wise with the needs of the organizations , are identified and their detailed resumes are forwarded to the companies for further processing either on the campus , or at company premises.




Fullerton Group LTD.

Fullerton Group LTD.

ICICI Securities LTD.

ICICI Securities LTD.

Oneplace Infotech PVT LTD.

ICICI Securities LTD.

Alembic Pharmacuticals

Spectra ISP Network PVT LTD.


Safe Express

Reliance Telecommunications Ltd.

ICICI Securities LTD.


Oneplace Infotech PVT LTD.

Apollo Business School

Aaffra Real State


Electropack Engineers PVT LTD.

Safe Express

HI Tech Group

J.K. Technologies



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